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Cassidy Hutt and her dog Darby. 

Woodinville High School rising sophomore Cassidy Hutt dreams of becoming a veterinarian someday, but she isn’t waiting to graduate to help improve animals’ lives. 

Hutt joined the PAWS Teen Club, a group affiliated with the nonprofit PAWS, which is dedicated to helping cats, dogs and wild animals “go home and thrive,” according to the website. As part of the teen club, Hutt was tasked with heading a service project during the summer. 

The sophomore is running a pet food drive to benefit the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society, where she had volunteered frequently.

“I love the shelter so much, so I decided to help them out,” Hutt said.  

After speaking to staff at the shelter about its needs, she said, she created an Amazon wish list full of supplies such as feline items for its newly opened cat shelter. The donated supplies will be shipped to Hutt, after which she’ll deliver them to the shelter. 

Although the PAWS Teen Club only meets in the summers, her experience with it has left a lasting impact on Hutt. 

“Hearing from Dr. Liz (Vincenzi) from PAWS, she was just so amazing,” Hutt said.

Hearing from practicing animal experts during the club’s weekly virtual meetings and working on the service project has only solidified her desire to become a vet, she said.

Hutt’s food drive runs through Labor Day, and her wish list of supplies may be found here. 

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Here’s the link as the one in the article doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. Thank you!

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