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Owners Amy and Josh Siegel outside the site of Sidekick Coffee, which will open soon. 

Woodinville residents will soon be getting a new sidekick this summer. 

Bothell residents Amy and Josh Siegel will be opening Sidekick Coffee in Woodin Creek Village, hopefully in June, the couple said. 

“It’s been a dream of mine for 13 years,” Amy said of opening a coffee shop. 

She’s been working in the caffeinated beverage industry on and off since about 2008, Amy said, and she loves both “the craft of making coffee” and “what a coffee shop brings to a community.” 

Creating a space where people can gather is a main focus for the Siegels, which is why they were so happy to get a corner spot in their building on 135th Avenue Northeast. Construction on the shop hasn’t yet finished, but plans include a wide variety of seating in the large, open area as well as a walk-up window.  

The atmosphere will be bright and cheerful to “contrast the Seattle gray,” Amy said. The designs were all done by the Siegels and are meant to reflect a bit of their personalities, according to Josh. 

“We take the coffee seriously, but we don’t take ourselves so seriously,” he said. 

Sidekick has partnered with Seattle-based roaster Herkimer Coffee for its products. The couple was drawn to the company both because it offered a delicious assortment and because it did so in a “non-pretentious” manner, Amy said. It felt as if they shared a similar outlook on the industry, she said. 

Sidekick2 - 051321

Sidekick Coffee hosts a coffee cart while the shop is under construction. 

The drink offerings will be kept pretty simple and traditional. 

“I don’t want to overwhelm people with my menu,” she said. 

For food, there will be a variety of options such as breakfast sandwiches and pastries prepared by local vendors and baked on-site. The large prep-kitchen will also be utilized by “micro-startups” making products such as granola and fresh juice, which will also be available. 

The Siegels say they’re eager to fill a need for a locally owned coffee shop, and from what they’ve heard from the community, there are plenty who share their eagerness. While the space has been under construction, the company hosted a coffee cart outside the building on a regular basis. 

And many of the customers have said they’ve been waiting for something like Sidekick to crop up in town. 

“It’s a really good feeling,” Josh said. 

“We’re just as excited as they are for us,” Amy later added. 

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