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Ashley Besecker, left, and sister-in-law Joci Besecker are co-owners of Premier Catch, a new community pop-up shop and online seafood business. The two were making their initial stop at Matthews Winery on Sept. 17. Bob Kirkpatrick photo

Have you wondered where you could purchase high-quality seafood without having to pay premium prices charged at upscale restaurants, or been disappointed to find out the wild-caught salmon you bought at your favorite grocer was farm-raised?

If so, you’ll want to check out Premier Catch, a new upstart community pop-up shop and online seafood business co-owned by former Woodinville resident Ashley Besecker and sister-in-law Joci Besecker.

Ashley grew up in Woodinville and now resides in Mercer Island. Her family has deep roots in the seafood industry.

“My family owns a seafood company that’s been around for 50 years and has sold seafood in very large quantities … container loads to high-end restaurants and Costco," Ashley said. "When COVID hit, restaurants shut down, so we all put our heads together to try and come up with a way to bring our super high-end wild-caught and sustainable Alaska and Pacific Ocean Dungeness crab, king and sockeye salmon, halibut and scallops to our friends and family members.”

So, Ashley and Joci came up with a logo, built a website, bought a freezer van, and packaged seafood in portions more suitable for family meals.

“All of the fish is boned-out, pre-portioned, individually vacuumed packed and sold in five-pound packages,” Ashley said. “We also have big King crab legs that you would only find in high-end steakhouses, but now people can serve it in their kitchens.”

The seafood with “friends-and-family pricing” can be purchased at community pop up shops on the Eastside and online soon as well.

“Our first pop up shop was on Mercer Island in June,” Ashley said. “This is our first pop up in Woodinville (Sept. 17 at Matthews Winery) and we’ve been asked to come back again (Oct. 1 from 3 to 7 p.m.). We’ve been in Sammamish, Issaquah and downtown Seattle too.”

The wide variety of seafood Premier Catch offers its customer is flown into SeaTac regularly.

"We get our wild Pacific Halibut, king and sockeye salmon in every week right now," Ashley said. "We have actually gone to SeaTac the morning of our pop-ups and picked up fish from Alaska that had been swimming two days prior.

“We also just got in some Alaska Weathervane Scallops and will be getting Alaska Spot Prawns beginning in October.” 

Ashley and Joci also provide numerous recipes to prepare delicious seafood meals.

Premier Catch's reputation for providing quality tasty seafood has rapidly grown in the past 90 days. Word is out now and their product is in high demand.

"It's been so cool to watch the organic cult following spread happen," Ashley said. "We've only been open for three months and we've gotten so many requests to ship orders. We plan to start shipping in the next few weeks."

Visit for a complete list of seafood products, pricing, schedule of pop-up venues and delicious recipes.

“There is no substitute for quality,” Ashley said. “Our mission is simple; provide the best, sustainable, wild seafood. We hope you will join us on a journey to truly taste the difference and experience the best we have to offer."

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