Hygiene Drive - 081221

Volunteering at local food banks opened Woodinville resident Sydney Griner’s eyes to the wide range of necessities that weren’t available there – especially when it came to hygiene products. 

The recent Northcreek High School graduate said that she came together with the rest of the family to brainstorm how to help. 

Last year, the Griners – or Period Peeps, as they call themselves – held a feminine hygiene product drive and collected about $11,000 worth of donations and monetary contributions. 

“The first had been successful, so we just decided to do another one,” Sydney Griner said. 

This year, the family is holding another drive and hoping to collect travel-sized general hygiene items such as soap, shampoos and conditioners, and toothpaste in addition to pads, tampons panty liners. 

The Period Peeps’ second annual hygiene drive will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Aug. 14 at the Woodinville Storehouse Foodbank. The family will be making kits from the donations to pass out at the Northshore School Foundation school supply event and at local food banks.  Sydney, who is about to head to the University of Washington in the fall, is helped by her 14-year-old sister Katie and their parents. The family is also helped by a small group of other teenage volunteers. 

“We delegated planning based on what everyone’s strengths are,” Sydney said.

She’ll be going to school to study business administration, so she headed much of the marketing for the events. Her mother helped set up locations to host the drives and her father kept track of donations and managed the website periodpeeps.org, she said. 

The website has information about the in-person drives as well as a link to the group’s Amazon wishlist of items. 

“I was not expecting, at first, that my whole family would do it together,” Sydney said. “It’s been an amazing process to do something with this, with everyone in my family.” 

Although the effort was catalyzed by the pandemic, Sydney said, the family hopes to continue hosting the drive annually. 

“The community really supported us, and we were so thankful for everyone,” she said of last year’s drive. “We hope to see them again this year.” 

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