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The newest Zoom+Care clinic was welcomed to the Woodinville community with a socially distant ribbon cutting Friday, Oct. 2.

“Our new location allows us to reach even more patients in the King County area, and aligns perfectly with our mission to make primary care accessible, convenient and local,” Zoom+Care CEO Torben Nielsen said. “Residents in Woodinville, and the surrounding areas will now have access to the ‘waitless’ healthcare they deserve.”

Zoom+Care, which has served over 350,000 patients in the PNW region, specializes in primary and urgent care, mental health, women's health, dermatology, internal medicine, orthopedics, podiatry and late-night injury/illness visits. The Woodinville clinic, located at 17705 140th Ave NE #A18, is only offering urgent and primary care currently.

Nielson said patients can expect to get the same “seamless, patient-centric experience” at every clinic in the Seattle area, for anyone in need of care on-the-go. The company prides itself on stepping away from crowded sitting rooms, long wait times and annoying up-charges with billing.

"Our new clinics will help us empower thousands of new patients to take control of their health with care that is more accessible, patient-centered, and transparent than traditional models," Nielson said.

Mayor Elaine Cook and Deputy Mayor Gary Harris celebrated the new healthcare facility alongside its regional and local team, in addition to Executive Director Kimberly Ellertson and board chair Keith Wells from Woodinville’s Chamber of Commerce.

“We are honored that Zoom+Care chose Woodinville for their newest location,” Ellertson said. “Seeing new businesses in our community is encouraging as a Chamber of Commerce.”

In the times of COVID-19, Zoom+Care provides options for patients to remotely access on-demand diagnosis, treatment and medications. The company’s telehealth service, VideoCare, allows patients to see, hear and have an in-depth conversation with a doctor. Those on-the-go can also message and send photos with providers to receive online care for hundreds of common illnesses.

Board-certified specialists are available on video as well. Simply select the care needed, choose a time that works best and the provider will send a link to get started.

Currently, the clinic offers two options for COVID-19 tests: viral tests, to determine an infection, and antibody tests, to reveal if the virus previously existed in a patient. Viral test results are typically delivered within three to five days and antibody tests can take roughly 48 hours, according to zoomcare.com. 

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