17899 Block Bothell Way NE: At 12:55 a.m. on Dec. 22, a caller reported they could see a subject lying under one of the cars at Brooks Biddle. The subject appeared to have tools and was working on the car. Officers arrived and contacted the male who immediately stood up and began running away. Officers chased the subject across 522 behind the old Bothell Ski and Bike. They lost the male in the woods and backed out to setup a perimeter. A K9 track was conducted but had to be called off due to another priority call. Officers learned the male was actively cutting off the catalytic converter of the Prius when he was contacted. The subject was described as a male about 5’9” and about 175 lbs. The track ended in the area of 96th Ave NE and 522. 


18300 Block 120th Ave NE: At 5 p.m. on Dec. 23, Officers responded to Home Depot on the report of two people that had committed thefts and then fled when confronted by Loss Prevention. One suspect fled to the wooded area north of the store whilst the other fled to the retail area across the street. Both were eventually located and found to have warrants. They were booked for warrants and theft charges.


18300 Block 120th Ave NE: Around 6:26 p.m., While officers were dealing with the above incident, a second similar but un-related theft event began at the same location, despite the numerous police cars in front of Home Depot.  The suspects in this case were also located and arrested. They were also found to have warrants.  The suspects are part of a large ORT group that has been trespassed from Home Depots.  They were booked for burglary charges.


22100 Block 17th Ave SE: At 8:27 p.m., on Dec. 24, The entire nightshift responded on report of a woman calling for help and yelling “stop, stop, stop.” No response was received when police announced their presence at the door, but the requests for “stop, stop, stop” continued.  Entry was made with a management-provided key. A female was found by herself, after having consumed two and a half bottles of white wine and a box of chocolates. She said she had been listening to a Taylor Swift song and was overcome with emotion. She did not realize her screams were so loud that other people in the hotel could hear her.


20300 Block 85th Pl NE: At 10:54 p.m., on Dec. 24, Officers responded when a female resident complained of having been assaulted by her child’s father.  The woman has a restraining order against him, but allowed him to visit their daughter for Christmas.  According to her, he became intoxicated and an altercation began.  The argument turned physical when he slapped her.  Multiple locations were checked for him using outside agencies to assist with the search in Kirkland, Woodinville, and Snohomish. He was not located. Felony charges were filed.


19200 Block 120th Ave NE: At 5:46 a.m., on Dec. 26, an SRC security officer was making his pre-shift rounds on the old Seattle Times property when he discovered the south access gate padlock cut with the gate left open.

He reported his findings to the on-duty security officer on the north side of the complex. The on-duty security officer made a perimeter check and observed a white Ford Ranger pickup truck moving through the south parking lot with no lights on.

He called 911. While en route, night shift officers observed a white Ford Ranger pickup truck traveling northbound on 120th Ave NE from the breached gate. The officers stopped the vehicle and detained two men. The driver, a 49-year-old Vancouver, Wash. man (Suspect 1), and his passenger, a 47-year-old Portland, Ore. man (Suspect 2), denied being on the Seattle Times property. 

Day-shift officers also responded and assumed primary investigation. During the initial traffic stop, additional officers responded to the Seattle Times building where they discovered a burglary occurred at the south end loading dock doors. According to a security officer, it appeared copper wiring was stolen. 

The white Ford Ranger pickup truck was positively identified by an SRC security officer. Copper wiring similar to that inside the Seattle Times building was observed in plain view in the bed of the Ford Ranger. The two men were arrested for investigation of commercial burglary and taken to Bothell PD for processing.

A cell phone was found in the Seattle Times parking lot near the loading dock doors, which was found to belong to Suspect 2. During a search incident to arrest, a U-Haul truck key was recovered from the person of Suspect 2.

A U-Haul truck was located at a parking lot in the 19300 block of North Creek Parkway. The U-Haul was impounded to Bothell PD pending a search warrant. Both suspects were booked into the King County Jail on charges of Burglary 1, Malicious Mischief 1, Theft 1, Possession of burglary tools and Prohibited use of drug paraphernalia.

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