18300 BLK 151ST AVE NE: On May 19, a driver reported that he was involved in a road rage type of incident, the driver of the suspect vehicle threw a brown liquid, possibly coffee, or soda onto his truck. The victim states that he thinks his vehicle received some small dents as a result.


3300 BLK NE 171ST ST:  On May 24, the victim stated that unknown suspect(s) entered his vehicle and stole his golf clubs and associated equipment. The victim states he may have forgotten to lock his car and there were no signs of forced entry.


14000 BLK NE WOODINVILLE DUVALL ROAD: On May 25, the suspect entered the business and began filling a bag with items from the shelves, including three pairs of clippers. When the clerk confronted him and told him she would need the items back, the suspect began swinging the bag around and grabbed onto the clerk’s shirt and pushed her. The suspect dropped a set of keys and when the clerk walked towards the keys the suspect again grabbed her by the shirt and pushed her out of the way. The suspect fled on foot with the stolen items.


16300 BLK NE 195TH ST.: On May 23, the victim called to report that following a domestic argument. She left her home with her two children in her car. The suspect followed in his vehicle. At one point, the victim pulled over and states that the suspect approached her vehicle and demanded she roll down her window. The victim refused at which point the suspect got back into his car and drove head on towards her vehicle several times stopping just short of her car. Finally, the suspect drove at her and hit her vehicle head on causing the air bags to deploy. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail without incident.


16700 BLK WOODINVILLE REDMOND ROAD NE: On May 24, the victim reported that unknown suspect(s) stole a catalytic converter off a company vehicle.


14600 BLK NE NORTH WOODINVILLE WAY: On May 25, an unknown suspect(s) siphoned gasoline out of the victim’s car. 

DUI – 

14500 BLK WOODINVILLE REDMOND ROAD NE: On May 19, 2021, at about 6:32 p.m. deputies were dispatched to several calls concerning a male causing a disturbance at several businesses along the 17300 block of 140th Ave NE. The reporting parties stated that the male was “yelling at patrons and throwing items from his car." The reporting parties stated that it appeared the male was intoxicated. The suspect left in his vehicle prior to deputies arriving. A short time later deputies were dispatched to a second business reporting similar behavior from the same suspect. When the first deputy arrived, the suspect attempted to flee on foot, the deputy arrested him without incident. The suspect was booked into jail for investigation of DUI. 


20000 BLK 164TH AVE NE: On May 23, a deputy was dispatched to investigate a report of a death. Based upon our investigation the death appears to be natural and nothing suspicious noted.


17800 BLK 134TH AVE NE: On May 25, a deputy recovered a vehicle stolen from California.


19500 BLK 144TH AVE NE: On May 24, a victim reported that unknown suspect(s) had attempted to steal the catalytic converter off a business vehicle.




BIG 5: On May 18, at 3:31 p.m., officers responded to a theft. The female suspect was located on foot nearby. While an officer was conducting a search of the female incident to arrest, the female turned toward the officer and spat saliva in the officer’s face, which went into her right eye. The female suspect was transported and booked into jail for attempted Assault 3 and Theft 3.


220 Block SR 527 SE: On May 19 at 12:39 p.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. When the officer contacted the driver, the driver presented him with a fake Washington state ID card. After the driver was arrested for investigation of NOVOL (No Valid Operator's License) 1st Degree, officers were able to obtain the driver’s real name. The driver had an outstanding Federal Way PD warrant for DUI and NOVOL $2,500 bail. The driver’s custody was transferred to Federal Way PD on his confirmed warrant. Multiple criminal charges will be forwarded to BMC prosecutor’s office.


HOME DEPOT: On May 19 at 6:23 p.m., officers responded to a theft in progress, and arrived as the subject fled the building. Officers gave chase and were able to apprehend the male. The male had a warrant out of Bellevue PD for possession of a dangerous weapon. The male claimed he swallowed heroin while fleeing from officers. He was cleared by aid on scene but denied for booking at the jail. He was released at a local hospital. Charges for theft forwarded to Bothell prosecutors.


9600 Block NE 195th Circle: On May 20, around midnight, the RP reported unknown suspect(s) stole a tire off of their vehicle sometime within the last few hours prior to reporting it.


1600 Block 214th St SE: The night sergeant located a stolen vehicle in the 1600 block of 214th St SE. The vehicle was unoccupied. The vehicle was stolen back in Oct. of 2020 and the insurance company had since taken over ownership of the vehicle. The vehicle was towed.


CITY OF BOTHELL: On May 22 at 9:56 p.m., a RP came to the department to report that “Sgt. Rogers” had contacted his elderly mother via telephone. “Sgt. Rogers” had stated she needed to call him back about an urgent non-emergency issue. Officers listened to the voicemail left by "Rogers" and were able to tell that it was not Bothell PD’s Sgt. Rogers. The RP assumed it was a scam. Upon call back, the number connects to a voicemail claiming to be Sgt. Rogers. This was one of several reports involving similar messages or warnings from “Sgt. Rogers”. Officers called the phone number multiple times and have not received an answer, just an outgoing message.


725 232nd Street SE: On May 22 at 1:42 p.m., officers were dispatched to a residence for a suicidal male armed with a knife. The man's wife and daughter were inside the residence with him and had called 911. It was requested that dispatch have the family leave the residence and meet officers outside to remove them from possible harm. Upon arrival, the male was still inside armed with a knife and had cut his neck. He threatened to start stabbing himself if officers entered the residence. An officer was able to start a dialogue with the male through the front door and established rapport with him. Eventually, the officer negotiated his way into the house and gained voluntary compliance by convincing the male to put down the knife. After the scene was safe, the male was checked by aid and then transported to the hospital.

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