14800 BLK NE 202ND – Victim states he may have left his vehicle unlocked. Unknown suspect(s) entered and rummaged through the car. Nothing appears to have been taken.


14000 BLK NE WOODINVILLE DUVAL ROAD – Unknown suspect(s) broke into the victims padlocked locker and stole his wallet. The victim’s credit card was used later in the day. Assigned to a detective for follow-up.


14000 BLK NE WOODINVILLE DUVALL ROAD – Deputies were dispatched to a verbal altercation concerning payment for services. Civil issue.


16900 BLK 140TH AVE NE – Victim reported credit cards stolen from her purse.


12800 BLK NE 178TH ST – Catalytic converter theft.


13300 BLK NE 171ST ST – Missing/run a way found intoxicated in Everett. Returned home by Everett PD.


13000 BLK NE 196TH PLACE – Unknown suspect steals package off private residential porch.




FRED MEYER: On March 15, at 10:40 p.m., Bothell officers arrested a shoplifter. The subject was taken into custody and booked into jail. At the jail, the suspect tested positive for COVID-19 and the arresting officer is now on quarantine.


WALGREENS: On March 15 at 9.m., a male suspect stole a bottle of Hennessy from Walgreens. The suspect was located in the Fred Meyer parking lot, but was uncooperative. The detaining officer was able to subdue the suspect and arrest him. The suspect was booked into jail. 


HOME DEPOT: On March 17 at 6:14 p.m., Bothell officers responded to two separate cases of a theft in progress. The suspects entered the business, and removed items without paying. In both cases the suspects had been previously trespassed from Home Depot stores. The first incident involved a female subject who also had multiple warrants for her arrest. The second incident involved a suspect who placed over $1,000 worth of tools into a garbage can. He exited the store after only paying for the trash can. 



POP APARTMENTS: On March 20, at 1:06 p.m., BPD dispatch received a 911 call that a female tenant was about to stab the female apartment manager with a large knife. Officers responded to the scene and the suspect was taken into custody without incident. After interviewing the victim, witnesses and viewing surveillance video, it was learned there was some type of on-going dispute with management and this tenant. Prior to entering the management office, the suspect put on leather gloves. The suspect then grabbed a large chef's knife from her purse and began to make stabbing motions towards the victim. The suspect took the victim's cell phone off her desk to prevent her from calling for help. The victim screamed for help and bystanders ran to her aid. The victim jumped over the desk and escaped out of the office. The suspect then chased the victim while still wielding the knife, making stabbing motions. Witnesses were able to put themselves between the victim and the suspect. The suspect gave up her pursuit of the victim and exited the building where she was confronted by police. The suspect was transported and booked into jail for Felony Assault and Felony False Imprisonment. 

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