Woodinville Police Blotter

THEFT – 14000 NE WOODINVILLE DUVALL RD, Woodinville: On June 9, around 8:59 p.m., two suspects entered a store and stole approximately 50 fragrances. One of the suspects dropped a screwdriver as he was exiting. The screwdriver was submitted into evidence pending fingerprint analysis. Video footage was requested and the case was assigned to detectives to follow up on. 

THEFT – 18600 WOODINVILLE SNOHOMISH RD, Woodinville: On June 8, around 10:54 p.m., a victim placed his valuables in an unlocked gym locker, and they were stolen. Deputy followed up with leads which led to video surveillance at several locations. The suspects used the victim’s bank cards for fraudulent charges. The case was forwarded to detectives for follow up and to identify the suspects. 

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY – 18700 144TH AVE NE, Woodinville: On June 8, around 8:12 a.m., deputies responded to a burglary report where a suspect gained access to the office through the laundry room. The suspect stole valuables, attempted to drill out the coinbox from a laundry machine, and caused damage throughout the office. The case was assigned to detectives.

DRIVING ARREST – 14000 NE 183RD ST, Woodinville: On June 7, around 9:08 p.m., a deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver was subsequently arrested for driving with a suspended license. Charges were filed into court and a licensed driver picked up the vehicle.  

RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY – 15300 NE 202ND ST, Woodinville: On June 3, around 7:49 p.m., a suspect entered a home and gathered the homeowner’s valuables. Family members came downstairs and encountered the suspect. The suspect attempted to flee with the valuables and was ultimately pinned down outside until police arrived. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY – 14200 NE 200TH ST, Woodinville: On June 3, around 3:03 p.m., victims reported several suspects cut through a fence and stole a catalytic converter off a parked vehicle. The suspect vehicle had frequented the business’ employee parking area before the event and video surveillance was obtained. The case was submitted to detectives for follow ups and attempts to identify the suspects. 

THREATS – 19300 168TH AVE NE, Woodinville: On June 3, around 1:39 p.m., a school went into “Safe Inside” procedure for a potential threat. The school district and police investigated and took extra measures to ensure safety and security at the school and an adjacent school. Detectives reviewed the case and deferred to the school district for discipline. 

DISTURBANCE – 18100 142ND AVE NE, Woodinville: On June 3, around 1:28 a.m., deputies responded to a disturbance where a female was crying, was locked out of a shared residence, and appeared to have been pepper sprayed some time earlier. The female was not forthcoming with information. The male resident allowed her inside and was cooperative. Deputies were unable to develop probable cause for an arrest. 

UPDATE ON VEHICLE RECOVERY – 18100 142ND AVE NE, Woodinville: On May 28, around 2 a.m., deputies were following up on a threats case. The deputies came to a residence to contact the suspect and found a stolen car parked in that area. The vehicle was impounded and the vehicle’s owner provided police with the consent to search it. Detectives found a white ski mask, a black Glock 19 BB gun with a black holster and forms of identification that belonged to the initial suspect in the threats investigation. Update: detectives developed probable cause and charges were filed on the suspect. 

Bothell Police Blotter

CATALYTIC CONVERTER THEFTS – 15600 BLOCK 111TH AVE NE, Bothell: On May 29, between 4-6 a.m., catalytic converter thefts occurred in the listed area. Video surveillance was obtained.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS – 900 BLOCK 228TH ST SE, Bothell: On May 27, around 3:24 p.m., A subject was taken into custody for an on-view criminal trespass violation after the subject was given a trespass warning but failed to heed the warning. The arrest occurred after officers responded to a disturbance call involving the subject being heavily intoxicated and making threats.

SUSPICIOUS SUBJECT – 22100 BLOCK 17TH AVE SE, Bothell: On May 26, around 6:06 a.m., a person reported a suspicious subject. Officers arrived and checked the area, but did not locate the subject reported by RP. Officers did locate another subject passed out in a vehicle in the back-parking lot, and the subject had drug paraphernalia all around them as well as several recently cut catalytic converters. The subject was arrested and booked into jail.

ASSIST TO AID – 10500 BLOCK NE 193RD ST, Bothell: On May 25, around 2:08 a.m., Dual response with aid for a cardiac patient. Upon arrival, officers and aid worked on an unconscious subject who had stopped breathing. The subject had overdosed on alcohol and pills. Aid was able to bring the subject back to life and transport them to the hospital. 

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