Woodinville Police Blotter

MASK THIEF – 14200 NE 190 ST, Woodinville: On Oct. 8, at about 12:23 p.m., a suspect attempted to make a purchase with invalid account credentials. The suspect then asked for a catalog and while the employee retrieved it, the suspect grabbed two welding masks on display and ran out of the store without paying for them.  Video information will be provided to provide for follow up.

FRAUDULENT CHECK – 17300 133 AVE NE, Woodinville: On Oct. 7, around 12:03 p.m., a victim reported they were selling a motorcycle online. Someone wished to purchase it and sent them a cashier’s check. The victim’s bank advised them the check was fraudulent prior to the victim shipping the motorcycle away.

GYM LOCKER BURGLARY – 14000 NE WOODINVILLE DUVALL RD, Woodinville: On Oct. 6, at 5 p.m., a victim reported someone broke into their gym locker and stole their belongings while they were working out. Suspect(s) used their bank card at a nearby store fraudulently. Case was forwarded to a detective for further investigation.

VEHICLE PROWL – 14100 NE 179 ST, Woodinville: On Oct. 6, at about 10:01 a.m., a victim reported someone gained access to their parked vehicle and stole their cell phone and bank credit card. That card was later used for fraudulent transactions. The case was submitted to a detective for further investigation.

WELFARE CHECK – 16600 NE 195 ST, Woodinville: On Oct. 4, around 10:23 a.m., deputies responded to a welfare check of three individuals asleep in their vehicle. Deputies spoke with all parties and submitted a CPS referral for follow ups/social services for the parents and toddler. 

FOOD TRUCK VANDALISM - 13800 NE 175 ST, Woodinville: On Oct. 2, around 2:56 p.m., a victim reported someone unplugged their food truck and broke out one of the windows. Nothing appeared to be taken from the vehicle. 

Bothell Police Blotter

LOTS OF WARRANTS & VIOLATIONS – Blyth Park: On Oct. 3, at 12:30 p.m., a concerned citizen called 911 to report a suspicious circumstance when they witnessed a man painting a black truck teal in the Blyth Park parking lot. A male and female were contacted in the truck. The man provided a false name…twice. The female provided a real name and had a warrant. His true identity was discovered and he was found to have a felony warrant. The car was found to have two different plates on it and was stolen. There was also a domestic violence order, protecting the female. She was booked. He was booked after a trip to the hospital because he claimed to have become “dope sick.”

PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION – Bothell City Hall: On Oct. 2, at about 1:10 p.m., the plaza in front of city hall was occupied by two groups who wished to express their beliefs about reproductive rights. Approximately 15 pro-life and over 100 pro-choice advocates walked through downtown streets for about an hour. Patrol assisted in ensuring a peaceful demonstration when the groups crossed paths. They dispersed without incident after about two hours. 

IN-PROGRESS HOME BURGLARY – 300 224 ST SW: On Sept. 28, officers responded to an in-progress residential burglary and arrested one male suspect, 40, who is now in custody. When the officers arrived, the suspect was still inside the home in a neighborhood directly east of Frank Love Elementary School. The school was asked to temporarily lockdown as a precaution. Detectives believe the suspect may be connected to other recent home burglaries in Canyon Park and Queensborough neighborhoods, and are currently investigating possible links.

CATALYTIC CONVERTER THEFT – 22700 22 DR SE, Bothell: On Sept. 27, at about 10:14 p.m., the reporting party advised that suspects removed the catalytic converter from his vehicle that was parking in front of their unit. The victim heard a sawing noise, walked out to the parking lot and observed his vehicle up on blocks. The reporting party observed the suspects leave in two separate vehicles but was unable to provide any description or a total number of suspects. The suspects fled in a dark gray passenger car and a second light-colored passenger car. 

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