GARDEN WAY NE: On Oct. 3, around 11:45 p.m., deputies arrived in the shopping area parking lot to assist a person in crisis. The person in crisis was yelling and pacing, and deputies attempted to communicate with the person and contact a mobile crisis team to come help. While doing this, one deputy was confronted by a male saying he also needed help. The deputy began asking questions to the male to see what kind of help he needed. The male got upset that the deputy was asking questions, so the deputy explained that he was currently trying to assist the person who was still yelling and pacing, telling the male he would need to wait. When the deputy turned his back, the male advanced on the deputy while yelling curses. The deputy attempted to back up and create distance but was backed into his vehicle. When the deputy put up his hand to keep the male away, the male swung at the deputy and missed. The deputy took the male to the ground without injury and another deputy came over to help handcuff the male. The male yelled threats to the two deputies. A different deputy who was not present at the time came to attempt to speak to the male and document the incident. The male was booked at King County Jail for assault. During the course of dealing with the assault, the person in crisis walked away and deputies were not able to connect them with the mobile crisis team.


14000 NE 175 ST: On Oct. 5, around 8 a.m., an armed robbery occurred at the Bank of America ATM. The victim had just made a cash withdrawal and returned to his car when the male suspect approached him. The suspect had his face covered and was armed with a firearm. The suspect pointed the firearm at the victim and demanded the cash he had just withdrawn from the ATM. After getting the money, the suspect hit the victim in the face with the firearm. The victim was able to get into his car, get out of the area, and call 911. Deputies investigating the crime found that Bothell PD had two separate incidents the same morning at barista businesses involving the same suspects. The same suspect shoplifted an expensive ring from a jewelry store at the Alderwood Mall. Lynnwood PD spotted the suspect vehicle and a short pursuit ensued with the suspect’s car getting away into unincorporated Snohomish County. Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputies located the vehicle and arrested the suspects. The primary suspect was in possession of the firearm suspected to have been used in the Woodinville robbery. KCSO Major Crimes took over as the primary investigating unit on these crimes. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery less than 12 hours after the incident at Bank of America. 


WOODINVILLE PARK & RIDE: On Oct. 5, around 10 a.m., a citizen called to report being followed by an unknown male. The male had approached the citizen at a bus stop and asked to use their phone. The male sat right next to the citizen, drank from a wine bottle, and called several people mentioning they tested positive for COVID-19. When the citizen walked away, the male followed and continued to try and engage with the citizen. Deputies contacted the male and identified him. Deputies learned the male had a recent arrest for a groping incident on a Metro bus. They transported the male to meet up with his caretaker and documented the incident. 


128 PL NE: On Oct. 5, around 8:15 p.m., deputies on routine patrol located two males going through the dumpsters of some industrial businesses. The males told deputies they had permission from the business owners. However, both males had outstanding warrants for theft and possession of stolen property. One of the males was released, due to booking limitations on his warrant. The other male was booked at Kirkland Jail for a $10,000 theft warrant.


WILMOT PARK: On Oct. 8, around 8:30 p.m., a deputy was closing and locking the park restrooms when they discovered a juvenile passed out in the restroom. The deputy called for Woodinville Fire/Aid and had to force a stall door open to get to the juvenile. The juvenile was sitting in their own urine next to a bottle of vodka. Woodinville Fire treated the juvenile, who was unable to answer any basic questions. The juvenile was sent to Children’s Hospital for treatment and deputies are working with Child Protective Services on the situation that led to the juvenile being found here.


NE 157 ST: On Oct. 9, around 1 a.m., deputies responded to a 911 call of a possible sexual assault at a house. Deputies found the people at the house were intoxicated to the point of requiring medical aid. Due to the intoxication levels of the two people involved, deputies were unable to confirm a sexual assault. Witness statements led to no probable cause for sexual assault. Deputies investigated and obtained evidence in case information is later learned of a crime.

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