Lower taxes on the rich, not the majority

This letter is in response to Duane Davidson's article on income tax. An income tax does not necessarily burden our "already heavily burdened taxpayers,” as Davidson puts it.

That's because when taxes are fair, they burden the people who can afford them rather than the majority, who nowadays are in debt and just one medical crisis away from disaster. 

Mr. Davidson is a Republican and typically complaining about how much the government is spending and in debt.

When Republicans complain about spending, debt, and taxes, what they mean is, make government small and give private interests the money rather than the people and people's projects.

Make sure people are in debt to private interests rather than getting reasonable rights from their government (Like the right not to have to pay tolls just to get to work, otherwise known as the right to, like, go places on their own planet, and the right to health care).

Lower taxes on the rich, not the majority.

Jan Deininger

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