What Susan Boundy-Sanders really meant

I am responding to a letter from Susan Boundy-Sanders in the Oct 10 edition. As the husband of a council member, I spend a lot of time observing council meetings.

Sometimes it can be difficult for those that don’t to fully understand the background behind some of Susan’s notes into the Woodinville Weekly and I thought I would help clarify by offering a ‘This is what she really meant’ perspective.

Although the headline was ‘City Council should play by its own rules,’ the real story here is that Susan disliked attention being called to commissioner’s attendance because one of the candidates for the council that she backs (Paul Hagen) only had a 43 percent attendance.

That is not stellar by any standards, but nowhere near as bad as the 14 percent attendance of Commissioner Houtz, who was the subject of the discussion that evening. Susan and Paula Waters's objections during the Sept. 17 meeting were driven by a fear that Mr. Hagen would also be discussed and possibly dismissed.

Both Council Members Boundy-Sanders and Waters raised different objections, going as far as to suggest that removing Commissioner Houtz was outside of the rules.

After the city’s council clarified that removal for just cause was an appropriate reading of the rule, Councilmember Boundy-Sanders ignored that guidance and persistent in pushing a false narrative directly in contrast to legal guidance.

Councilmember Boundy-Sanders greatly desires to be Mayor of Woodinville. After watching the video of the council session, it's clear to me that she and council member Waters acted and used their official positions in self-serving acts to further their own political ambitions by trying to protect candidates they hope will give them a majority of like-minded folks on the council.

Andrew Cook

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