Say No to Washington Referendum 88/Initiative 1000

  • Written by Shengquan Liang

I am an immigrant from China coming to the USA 23 years ago. Powerful words like "liberty and justice for all" drew me to this great country and I've never looked back.  

Under current state law (I-200, a.k.a., Washington State Civil Rights Act), college admissions, state contracts and hiring decisions treat everyone equally. It reflects American values very well. 

But Referendum 88 /Initiative 1000 on the ballot this November would take this equal treatment away. It should be rejected, because as JFK eloquently put it more than 50 years ago, "Race has no place in American life or law."

Referendum 88 / Initiative 1000 would impose different rules for different races:
Do you want to attend a state university or college? Your race will be a factor in whether you get admitted.

Do you want to find a job working for a city, county or state? Your race will be judged not just your qualifications. 

Do you want to apply for a government contract? Your business's ability to do the best work for a fair price won’t matter. Instead, the race of the business owner will. 

Our honorably discharged veterans, disabled veterans, and survivors will lose a preference in public hiring that was written into state law over 100 years ago in 1895. 

Last but not least, what do we get in return for those newly minted quotas? A massive new state bureaucracy — unelected and unaccountable — that will spend millions to enforce the use of race in all parts of our lives.

Washingtonians are rightly proud of its record of treating every person and every race equally over the last 20 years, and the economic prosperity brought to us all by I-200. 

Let's keep it this way, and don't let this regressive policy bring us back by 50 years. 

Please vote with your common sense, and vote to REJECT Referendum 88 / Initiative1000. 

Shengquan Liang

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