A lapse of judgment at best

  • Written by Kevin Stadler and Steve Yabroff

Mr. Kevin Stadler, a long-serving Planning Commissioner, has been the Commission Chair for over three years, and Vice-Chair for many years prior. Mr. Steve Yabroff has been a volunteer on commissions for over 12 years and currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Planning Commission.

We were dismayed to read Councilmember Boundy-Sander's Letter to the Editor of October 10th, “City Council should play by its own rules.”

Attendance is critical to the successful functioning of a commission or council. When one volunteer's to be on a Woodinville Commission, there is the expectation that the volunteer will indeed serve!

On the Public Spaces commission application, for example, it is stated: “Appointment to the Public Spaces Commission requires consistent attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting of the 4th Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Woodinville City Hall.”

We all lead busy lives and will from time-to-time miss a meeting. We understand that the Commissioner in question missed six out of seven meetings, one of which had to be canceled due to a lack of quorum.
When he was offered the opportunity to resign, he chose not to do so.

City staff spends a lot of time and effort preparing for meetings and having to cancel a meeting, for this reason, should be unacceptable! This is a cost we all bear as taxpayers too.

Yes, one should look at the full attendance record, but to defend that long continuing string of absences leads one to question motives. To ensure a functioning Commission, the Council was left with little choice but to remove that Commissioner.

To defend this behavior is a stunning lapse of judgment at best and at worst, smacks of political game playing. But more surprising still is that another Council member supported this!

With respect to the Planning Commission, we have quietly dealt with attendance issues as needed.

We are proud to have a Planning Commission which is hard-working and non-political, that works to serve in the best interests of all of Woodinville.

We hope and will work, to see that continue, unfettered by unfounded allegations, fear-mongering, etc.

Kevin Stadler and Steve Yabroff


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