Stand up and be counted

I am responding to a letter from Andrew Cook in the October 17th edition of The Woodinville Weekly. I live outside the city limits (but in Woodinville) and do not have a vote on the elected council. 

I am so tired of men (Andrew Cook's letter) telling women what they really meant to say (headline: "What Susan Boundy-Sanders really meant"). The day's of being a knight in shining armor and coming to the defense of your wife does not work in 2019 anymore.

Women everywhere are tired of being told not to speak up and not to correct injustice. Told that their words are not clear. Elected officials represent all and should never take a back seat because of potential backlash.

Woodinville should be proud that their council members Susan Boundy-Sanders and Paula Waters are willing to stand up and be counted.

Linda Jenkins

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