Not worth the annual fee

Congratulations on your purchase of the Woodinville Weekly. As a long-time Woodinville resident, I appreciate your efforts to rejuvenate this weekly periodical to enhance readability and stimulate interest in both the paper and the community.

With regard to your proposal to charge an annual subscription for continued receipt of the paper, I confess that I don’t believe the Woodinville Weekly provides enough value to support even this nominal $30 annual fee.

It appears that our local newspaper will become much less relevant and will go the way of other Woodinville traditions, albeit much less missed than the Dinner Train, July 4th Fireworks at the sod farm, and the Red Hook Brewery.

With respect to your proposal to obtain the least costly mailing fee, I would note that the US Postal Service provides this rate for periodicals from community organizations, churches or other local institutions which provide a broad community benefit as befits such a highly subsidized postal rate.

Since you will be transitioning to a fee-based service model – and since to intend to discontinue service to those less reliable readers – your new business model does not seem to warrant US Postal Service benevolence with a discounted bulk mailing rate.

Woodinville residents will no longer be able to have free access to local news and official city notices in the newspaper of record under your new business model.

As such, I will provide public comment to the postal service recommending that the US Post Office reject your heavily subsidized bulk mailing request since the sole reason for the application will be to put more money into your pocket.

Please accept my best wishes for your future endeavors in Woodinville.

Michael Huddleston

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