We might ask ourselves: How did we get here?

More than a quarter-century has passed since the city of Woodinville was incorporated.

Before that, it was the community of Woodinville, town boundaries defined as much by post office addresses as anything.

The decisions in the early ’90s that kept Hollywood Hill and the northeast-end farmlands out of the nascent city of Woodinville were made before many of us lived here or knew anything about these dynamics. That included me.

We were drawn to live here, and old-timers to stay because we found Woodinville to be a uniquely lovely place to be. But our community’s character did not come to be by accident. Rather, it was due to a community that had been active for decades in steering its destiny. 

They witnessed how fast the farms and pastures between Seattle and Everett disappeared along Hwy. 99 in the ’60s and they saw the wave of unplanned urban sprawl headed east—fast.

And they said, “We can do better than that.” And so they did.

Michael Tanksley


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