Cook’s remarks denigrating and insulting

I saw red reading Woodinville City Councilmember Elaine Cook’s husband, Andrew Cook’s letter to the editor October 17 edition. He blatantly misconstrued the facts to attack City Councilmembers Susan Boundy-Sanders and Paula Waters.

Cook cloaked this self-serving letter by presuming to determine, as his letter is titled, “WHAT SUSAN BOUNDY-SANDERS REALLY MEANT.”

His attempt to discredit Boundy-Sanders and Waters for advocating for due process by the City Council was obviously written to ingratiate his own political agenda.

In Boundy-Sander’s letter to the editor October 10 edition she stated, “The Woodinville Municipal Code-Woodinville’s law-lays out clear expectations for attendance” (for the seven unpaid volunteer city commissioners). …“Commissioners may be removed ‘for UNEXCUSED absence for more than three consecutive regular meetings’... At the September 17 City Council’s meeting voted to remove one of our city commissioners over attendance concern. …

The information provided to the City Council before this vote did not indicate whether absences were excused or not (in fact, all absences by the current commissioners were EXCUSED). It reported only absolute attendance numbers, only for the previous nine months, and contained other shortcomings and errors,” Boundy-Sanders reports.

Cook’s attempt to suggest that Boundy-Sanders’ reason why she objects to the “latest in a series of hasty, haphazard actions by the current City Council majority that destabilize our staff, our budgets, our capital priorities and now our volunteers,” as Boundy-Sanders wrote in her letter to the editor, was done (according to Cook), “to further their own (Boundy-Saunders, Waters and City Commissioner Paul Hagen’s) political ambitions.”

This is denigrating and insulting. The only "false narrative", as you put it, seems to be your slant on Boundy-Sanders intentions.

I applaud Boundy-Sanders efforts to uphold Woodinville’s Municipal Code by the City Council in a consistent, fair and equitable manner.

The only “political ambitions” that I can determine from Cook’s letter to the editor in which he is misrepresenting the facts and Boundy-Sanders’ and Waters’ actions is Andrew Cook’s attempt to promote his and his wife’s, City Councilmember Elaine Cook, political agenda.

Vicki Marshall

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