At The Movies with Nash Fouch

  • Written by Derek Johnson

From years of covering Falcon sports, one of my favorite kids was Nash Fouch. The affable receiver/safety helped lead Woodinville Football to a 2nd place finish at State in 2017.

Fouch is now entering his redshirt freshman season for the Montana Grizzlies. At 6’2” and 205 pounds, he certainly looks the part at the safety position.

Fouch NashMontana's Nash Fouch (Courtesy of the University of Montana)

Fouch and I were talking movies. I told him about one of my websites, which has a forum called Yellow Snow’s Record Shoppe. Recently the Shoppe took a poll for the best movie of all time. It was done in NCAA tournament bracket style. The championship round pitted The Godfather Part II against The Big Lebowski. Alas, it was a landslide, as the Corleone Crime Family took the crown with 70% of the vote.

Fouch had seen The Godfather Part II, but had never seen the Lebowski classic starring Jeff Bridges.

I asked him for his all-time favorite.  

“Probably Star Wars, The Empire Strike Back,” he said. “Definitely the best one in the series. I grew up on that series, watching it with my dad.”

Nash FouchNash Fouch (#4) in his days as a Woodinville Falcon. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

I asked Fouch if he and his Woodinville teammates ever went to the AMC Theater together?

“Yes we did,” he said with an ominous tone.   

And what was it like?

“Obnoxious, terrible!” he said with a laugh. “The worst group of people you could possibly go to a movie with was the football team.”

Fouch said that whenever a new Avengers or Star Wars movie came out the guys would get together.

“There was one time, it was either the new Star Wars or one of the Hobbit movies,” he said. “We sent a text to our football group chat, with all the varsity players on it. It said: `WE'RE GOING TO A MOVIE. WHOEVER WANTS TO COME BE THERE AT SIX.’

“I remember showing up, and we were all in the parking lot, parked next to each other. I was like, `We are going to get kicked out of this movie theater.’"

Fouch described how the boys herded into the complex and bought tickets, popcorn and sodas. Then they migrated inside a theater and took up an entire row. 

“We got settled in, and you see popcorn flying through the air, and guys are talking loudly during the previews,” Fouch said. “I was sitting there thinking there was no way we would get through this whole thing. There was some sort of warning from an usher, some guys were talking during the movie. I sat in the middle of the row just to avoid all that. But we did get through the whole thing without being thrown out.”

Fouch paused, and then added: “But don't tell Coach Maxwell!”

(Writer’s note: In my time covering the team, Woodinville players have been exceedingly polite and well-mannered. That being said -- boys will be boys.)
Now that Fouch lives in Missoula, Montana, he goes to movies with Grizzly teammates.

“Me and a bunch of buddies recently went and saw The Lion King,” he said. “That must have been funny to see… A bunch of big football players walking in to see Lion King.

“And we actually have a nice theater here, with a dine-in service,” he added. “You can push the button and put your feet up like a recliner. They have waiters come out to your seat and you can order a full meal.  We probably ran the kitchen dry.”

Montana starts fall camp next week. Fouch is entering his redshirt freshman season, with hopes of getting his first collegiate playing time.

“Coming out of Spring Ball, I had a few goals for myself,” he said. “One was to gain weight, one was to get faster and one was to get a better knowledge of our defensive scheme. Our strength coach, [Matt Nicholson], is awesome. I've put on ten pounds this summer and have gotten faster. Going into fall camp I've gotten more confident than last year. I feel like I can go out and make a mark out there.”

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