Happy April Fool's Day from the Woodinville Weekly.

The long-awaited dog park will finally make its mark in Woodinville. But not on new property. 

In a recent study conducted by the city, there is not enough open space to build a new park. As a result, the Woodinville Sports Field will become a makeshift dog area on Saturday mornings. Starting this June, the area will allow for off-leash dog socialization.

“I can’t wait to let my dog run free,” longtime resident Kelly Staples said. “And meet some new dog friends.”

Staples began a petition nearly three years ago to open a dog park in Woodinville after being shut down numerous times. Once she received 5,000 signatures, the city decided to take action. 

The park will only be open to dogs and owners from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Sports games and practices already scheduled during that time will be cancelled indefinitely, according to the city.

Stephen Williamson, parks operations manager, said children must be on leashes at all times during this 3-hour period. The dogs, however, are free to run around at-will. 

“We will not allow for children to ruin this experience for the puppers,” he said.

The sports field recently underwent turf removal and installment ahead of the upcoming “dog days.” This new grass was specifically chosen due to its unique ability to absorb dog feces into the ground, removing the need for waste bags and trash cans. 

The first off-leash Saturday will also feature a socially distant concert from Snoop Dogg to start off the festivities. Dogs of all sizes are encourages to attend. 


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