Bothell police officer killed by friendly fire

EVERETT — Investigators with the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team (SMART) are now saying the fatal bullet that claimed the life of Bothell Police Officer Jonathan Shoop on July 13 was fired from his partner's weapon. 

"Officer Shoop was sitting in the driver's seat of the SUV and Officer Mustafa Kumcur was in the passenger seat holding his firearm when Henry Eugene Washington approached the driver's door," Public Information Officer Aaron Snell, with the Everett Police Department said. "Washington fired two rounds into the patrol SUV. One broke the driver's side window and struck the computer, and the other hit Officer Kumcur's firearm ricocheted and struck him in the head. Officer Kumcur fired multiple times and one of the shots struck and killed Officer Shoop in the crossfire."

At about 9:40 p.m. that evening, Snell said Student Officer Shoop and Field Training Officer Kumcur was in a marked patrol SUV in the Bothell Landing area off SR-522 and SR-527, when they noticed a black Pontiac G6 traveling in the eastbound lane of SR 522 without a license plate on the vehicle. The officers pulled over Washington, 37, and approached his car and initiated a conversation.

Amid the conversation, Snell said Washington sped away and Shoop and Kumcur gave chase.


“The officers ran to their patrol SUV and attempted to catch the car. While fleeing from the traffic stop, the Pontiac struck a pedestrian riding a scooter in the crosswalk before it crashed through the vegetation of the raised center median and stopped, facing the wrong direction, in the westbound lanes of SR-522,” Snell said. “The officers drove around the median and approached the Pontiac with emergency lights activated. Washington had already exited the Pontiac and was walking away from the crashed car but, as the patrol SUV stopped facing his car, he changed direction and rapidly approached the driver’s door of the patrol SUV while holding a pistol and opened fire.”   

Following the exchange of gunfire, Snell said the patrol SUV drove forward, glanced off the Pontiac and rolled several hundred yards before coming to a stop against a tree. 

“Responding units found the patrol SUV in which Officer Shoop was deceased and Officer Kumcur was wounded,” Snell said. 

Washington then fled on foot and was later observed on the rooftop of a nearby business. 

“While he was on the roof, he made a call to a 911 call center in Kansas to advise his family that he had shot and killed a police officer,” Snell said. “When he attempted to get off the roof, he became wedged between buildings and was taken into custody without incident.” 

A handgun was recovered from Washington’s pants. During an interview with SMART detectives, Snell said Washington admitted to driving the Pontiac, speeding away from the traffic stop, hitting the pedestrian, firing shots into the police SUV, and calling the 911 call center.

Bothell City Manager Jennifer Phillips issued the following statement on the city of Bothell website on July 17.

“As is documented by SMART and has been reported, this was a chaotic chain of events that occurred over the span of close to only two seconds. The officers were still in their vehicle and were quickly approached by a suspect with a firearm. Based on the investigation updates, it appears there was a tragic crossfire situation that resulted in the death of one of our officers. Let us be clear, we believe the actions of the suspect led to this tragic event.

"Our hearts ache for the Shoop family. The loss of Officer Shoop has brought our entire community and department to our knees in grief. We've lost a community servant and member of our Bothell family. We are grateful that Officer Kumcur sustained only non-life-threatening injuries. He is a valued member of our Bothell family, an accomplished trainer, and a trusted leader within the Bothell Police Department."

Snell said the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is charging Washington with aggravated first-degree murder, attempted murder first-degree, and vehicular assault. 

SMART detectives continue to investigate the incident and ask anyone who witnessed, took a video, or has information about the incident to call the SMART Tip Line (425-262-2800) or email

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