The suspect in a stabbing murder in Woodinville has been denied bail, according to court documents. 

Prosecutors charged Sean Hammonds, 21, with the first degree murder of his grandfather John Hammonds, 56, in King County Superior Court on May 19. 

Hammonds lived with his grandparents in Woodinville and, court documents state, had been hospitalized at a behavioral health hospital for several months until December 2020. 

Hammond’s grandmother told police during the investigation that he had seemed better after his hospitalization but had stopped taking his medication several weeks before the murder. 

On Sunday, May 16, Hammonds agreed to go on a walk with his grandparents. When the family arrived at the trailhead near 152nd Avenue Northeast and Northeast 154th Street near Woodinville, Hammonds pulled out a folding knife and began stabbing his grandfather repeatedly from the back seat, according to the documents. 

His grandmother tried to pull Hammond’s arms away to stop him. The three exited the of car, and the grandmother ran away, screaming for help, the documents state. She ran to a nearby house, but the homeowner refused to let her in, the report states. A neighbor then contacted her and they returned to where John Hammonds was lying on the ground to wait for police to arrive. Sean Hammonds had been seen walking away from the scene. 

A deputy from the King County Sheriff’s Office arrived and found Hammonds about a half mile from the scene walking away. According to the report, the deputy noticed Hammond’s hands were clenched and his body was “rigid.” 

The officers contacted Hammonds and saw that his hands had blood on them. 

Hammonds told the deputy that his grandfather had been stabbed by an unknown person and that he had taken the knife and run because he was scared. Hammonds told the officer where the incident took place. 

When additional first responders arrived, they found John Hammonds unresponsive near the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

A doctor from the King County Medical Examiner’s Office performed an autopsy and reported that John Hammonds had been stabbed 28 times and sustained injuries from a hammer. 

King County prosecutors recommended that bail be denied given the defendant’s “egregious conduct.” 

Hammonds is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on June 2.  

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