The city of Bothell is partnering with the Northshore Senior Center to dispense $131,200 in grant relief dollars to eligible Bothell residents who lack sufficient income or resources to meet their financial obligations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been asked by the city to administer some emergency assistance funding for Bothell residents who have suffered a COVID-related hardship,” Northshore Senior Center CEO Brooke Knight said. “We are doing primarily rental assistance and utility assistance but could do other assistance if the need was there.”

Funding for what is tabbed as the Northshore Senior Center Financial Assistance Program is made available through the federal government's CARES Act. 

“With so many of our residents now facing economic and personal hardships from wage cuts, job losses, changes in childcare, etc., on June 2, the Bothell City Council chose to allocate some of our state-shared CARES Act funding directly to residents in the form of grants,” Assistant to the City Manager Becky Range said. “The Northshore Senior Center has always been a strong part of our community, working with many families and serving residents daily.”

The grant funding is available to the general public. Applicants do not need to be a US citizen or have citizenship to apply for the emergency funding according to a statement posted on the city of Bothell website.

The money awarded, however, will not be distributed to successful applicants, but instead, will be dispensed to specific entities to pay living expenses.

“We don’t have an official cap but payments are made directly to a third party to pay past due rent, utilities, etc., Knight said. "They (grant recipients) need to be able to demonstrate more or less that one-time assistance will solve the problem not just delay the inevitable.  We can pay up to a full month of rent for example to someone if needed.”

The Bothell City Council has also allocated $27,550 to the Northshore Senior Center for upgrading its food pantry and an additional $5,000 to help pay for food.

Information collected from the grant funding application won't be made available to any state or federal government agency. Applications are through Oct. 8.

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