As more multi-family housing options become available in the downtown core, the topic of development continues to be a hot topic in Woodinville.

Nearly 10 years after its initial land acquisition, Woodin Creek Village is still adding to its selection of housing opportunities. By next summer, the development will account for almost 700 apartment homes.

“I think the estimate was our development alone, along with the Schoolhouse District, would increase the city of Woodinville’s population by like 10%,” said Joe Gerena, social director at Weidner Apartment Homes. 

About 550 units are currently in-use and 61 units are pre-leased for people to move in, Gerena said. When the total investment is finished in the town of Woodinville, he said, the company estimates there will be 1,000 apartment homes.

The village also includes two “guest suites” that can be rented by residents or retailers to host visitors for a short stay, Gerena said. 

He said most of the apartment buildings have rooftop gathering areas for residents to utilize grills and open space. Occasionally, WCV provides cooking classes in a communal kitchen, he added. Residents also have access to several outdoor dog parks throughout the property. 

Anyone can utilize the nature preserve next to Beyernmoor Cellars and F-45 Fitness, he said. Within the preserve, he said, a pond is maintained and stocked with salmon and other small wildlife.  

WCV, which features an array of unique eateries, hosts food trucks every Monday since most retailers are closed that day, Gerena said. 

He said every retail space has been leased out within the property. A few businesses are still waiting to move in as a result of the city’s slow permitting process.  

Down the way, an entire row of wineries is lined up in a European-style alleyway. Gerena said the design is inspired by a French village. A few of the wineries are still waiting for permits in order to officially open, he added.

Wineries across the development include Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Ambassador Wines of Washington, Ancestry Cellars, Adams Bench, Baer Winery, Beyernmoor Cellars, Brian Carter Cellars, Brix Wine Café, Rocky Pond Winery, Rooted Souls Wine, Truth Teller Winery and Tsillan Cellars. 

Other businesses and eateries include Dashing Nails, F-45 Fitness, Fresh Cuts, Lifted Taco, Rusty Pelican Café, Sidekick Coffee, Woodin Creek Kitchen & Tap, Woodinville Wine Country and Zeeks Pizza. 

“The idea is that it's very self-sustained community,” he said. “We’re not just changing the look of Woodinville; we're trying to enhance it.” 

Gerena said Swanky Scoop and Island Blends Acai & Poke have not yet opened to the public as a result of slow permitting. 

Regardless, the community is starting to come together. Gerena said he is excited to bring people together for Winterfest in December and many more events in the future.

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