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A screenshot of video provided to the Woodinville Weekly shows an unidentified man pointing his gun during political demonstrations Saturday Oct. 24 in Woodinville. Police are investigating the matter. 

Opposing demonstrations on Saturday, Oct. 24 between pro- and anti- Donald Trump groups ended with a man pointing a gun at young women. At 3:30 p.m. police were dispatched to the corner of NE 175th  Street and 140th Avenue NE in Woodinville, said King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Ryan Abbott.

A video of the incident shows a man wearing a pro-Trump hat aiming a handgun at a group of young women who had been protesting Trump and then the man is led away. There is an ongoing investigation on the matter and no arrests have been made, Abbott said Sunday Oct. 25.

A Woodinville resident said she and a friend had been participating in the demonstration near the 7-Eleven. She saw a group of Trump supporters walk from near the 76 gas station across the street toward where a hand full of people, who looked to be between the ages of 16 and 20, were rallying by the Bank of America, she said. The woman has asked to remain anonymous.

She heard a bucket rattle as the group passed the anti-Trump protesters and saw a male in a hoodie running away from everyone, she said. No one present was able to identify the person who fled nor did anyone see him approach, according to two witnesses and Abbott.

The man who pulled the gun told police that he felt an unknown liquid hit him and that his eyes began to burn, Abbott said. The man said he thought it had been urine and spit and drew his gun; police have not been able to identify the liquid. 

In the video, the man says he’d been spit on, and someone shouts back at him, “It’s water, you snowflake!”

Before drawing his gun, the man said he saw the person who threw the liquid. It’s unclear what happened that caused him to point his weapon at the young protesters who were not associated with the male with the bucket, Abbott said.

The man told police the young women had jumped on his girlfriend and pinned her to the ground, according to Abbott. Two Woodinville residents who witnessed the incident said they did not see that kind of altercation occur. 

Mandy Luttinen said she witnessed the man with the gun chase the male who’d thrown the water until the male in the hoodie got away. The man then turned back toward the group of young women who were laughing at him, she said.  

Luttinen took a video that shows the man cross the street with his gun in his hand at his side walking toward a young woman holding a Biden/Harris sign, and he appears to shove her. The man’s girlfriend gets in between him and the Biden supporters, and one of them shoves her away and she stumbles.

Investigators will soon begin reviewing surveillance footage from nearby businesses to help determine what happened, Abbott said Sunday afternoon.

One of the women who witnessed the incident said her and her friend’s “instincts kicked in” when they saw the gun, and they ran across the street to place themselves in between the gun and girls. 

However, she said in an interview on Sunday afternoon that she’s still shaken up about it. 

“You hear about it in Seattle and other areas that have a lot of people,” she said. “Not in little Woodinville.”

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