Kat Turcotte, a resident of Woodinville since 2004, is the latest appointee to the Woodinville Planning Commission. Her term is set to expire July 1, 2021. 

She fills the seat previously vacated by Councilmember Mike Millman upon his appointment to Woodinville City Council. Of the five applicants, Turcotte was selected in a 4-3 vote against fellow candidate Christopher Devela on Tuesday, April 6. Councilmembers Chuck Price, Susan Bounty-Sanders, Les Rubstello and Al Taylor voted for Turcotte. 

“We have so much growth happening in Woodinville, which is very exciting,” Turcotte said during her interview. “But we need to be mindful of people that are coming in to enjoy and spend their dollars in the downtown core.” 

Turcotte, who works for the University of Washington, said she sits on several committees dealing with long-range capital improvement projects. She emphasized the importance of reaching target goals for growth, while also being thoughtful of infrastructure requirements and utility concerns.

“Seeing how close we are to the agricultural zone in the valley, I think there are some things we can preserve and sustain, but also maintain the growth that we are required to do,” she said.

Turcotte said she aims to be respectful of infrastructure already in place and mindful of things that need to be upgraded down the road, as well as the dollars that have to be spent.

She considers parking a priority for the planning commission, Turcotte said. She wants to collaborate with neighboring cities to see how they are handling the situation as growth continues to increase in Woodinville. 

Turcotte acknowledged the automated parking research being done by the city, and her desire to use  technology and innovation to make Woodinville stand out. She said the city should be thinking about people who want to drive from outside city limits and park comfortably.

“I will tend to avoid places if I know I can’t get an easy spot,” Turcotte said. “I think when we are having additional growth, parking needs to be a core component into anything that we are doing, especially if it is a residential over retail kind of place.” 

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