Madysen McLain

New reporter Madysen McLain, a recent graduate of Washington State University, joined our expanding team at the Woodinville Weekly on Sept. 1. 

McLain, 21, earned a degree in journalism and media production from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at WSU. She graduated in May 2021. 

“I first became interested in writing because my dad was an English teacher when I was a kid and he encouraged me to read as much as possible,” McLain said.

 She grew up in Hunters, which is an unincorporated community in Stevens County, Wash. In high school, McLain said, she toured one of her local newspapers and learned about life as a reporter. She said one of the reporters talked about meeting new people every day and being involved in the community, which interested her. 

McLain said her passion for journalism grew even more when she joined the Daily Evergreen, the student newspaper at WSU. She first started writing stories related to breaking news and student government meetings, but eventually took a liking for in-depth features.

“I enjoy writing about a variety of topics because I like to be constantly learning new things,” she said.

Directly after graduation, McLain worked for a weekly newspaper called The Reflector in Battle Ground, Wash. She is excited to cover news on the Eastside of King County now, she said. 

“I’m excited to join the Woodinville Weekly team because I believe the people in Woodinville and the surrounding area are very community-centered and take pride in their local businesses, organizations and schools,” McLain said.

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