The big orange signs on “Flood Road,” also known as Northeast 165th Street in Woodinville, emerged several months ago. But few actually followed the guidance—until recently. 

The road claimed another victim on Sunday, Jan. 9, when a police officer drove into the flood zone to check on another vehicle. Due to the high waters, the police cruiser’s battery died upon reaching the stuck car, which contained no occupants. He was then briefly stranded in the frosty runoff of Cottage Lake. 

Woodinville residents reacted to the stalled vehicles with two common responses on social media: updated infrastructure is necessary, and try not to ignore the signs on the road.  

“I don't even bother planning a route using Flood Road in winter anymore,” said one Woodinville resident on Facebook. “I just assume it's flooded!”

Citizens are calling on state and county officials to raise the roughly 630-foot section of Northeast 165th Street in order to prevent future closures and safety hazards due to frequent flooding. 

Flood Road wasn’t the only case of flooding around Woodinville in the last week. Areas of roadway along State Route 202 caused several cars to hydroplane on the way into town from Redmond. 

Just days after a winter storm blasted the Pacific Northwest, King County Executive Down Constantine issued an emergency declaration on Dec. 28, 2021. With ongoing challenges from the snowstorm and widespread flooding, Constantine updated the emergency proclamation on Saturday, Jan. 8. 

The proclamation followed a week of icy conditions, melting snow and rain showers across the state. The National Weather Service forecasted flooding along multiple rivers and floodplains, including across roadways in King County. 

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