In an Aug. 13 poll of its Puget Sound workers, Amazon quired personnel where they would like to work outside of Bellevue and Seattle. The five options, according to USA Today, to consider were Bothell/Woodinville, Redmond, Issaquah, Renton, or Tacoma.

"We have not been contacted by anyone at Amazon. I know they have invested a great deal of money in their current facilities in Seattle and I can't imagine that would be something too easy to walk away from," Woodinville City Manager Brandon Buchanan said. "While Woodinville is a fantastic community and home to healthy businesses of all kinds, ensuring our community maintains the special character that makes Woodinville is always among council’s top priorities and we welcome any business who appreciates that.” 

The multi-national technology magnate that been referred to as one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world, and touts the world’s largest online market place, has perhaps grown weary of increasing taxes levied by the Seattle City Council.

On July 7, a job tax bill known as JumpStart Seattle, championed by Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, passed by a 7-2 vote. It calls for large businesses with annual payrolls of $7 million or higher to be taxed 1.4% for every employee making over $150,000 and 2.4% for those making more than $400,000. The tax is expected to raise more than $200 million a year for the Emerald City.

Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner recently told KIRO Radio he expected Amazon to make several announcements over the next couple of weeks regarding massive expansion.

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