Being truly grateful for the present moment and focusing on what you have versus what you don’t have is the key to happiness. Mindfulness can help you appreciate your life and attract more great things to you. It can also help you engage with people and tasks in the present moment. This can help you achieve goals that seem far away or think about things you may have been procrastinating. There is no better time to start working on these goals. 

The key to staying happy and joyful is practicing grounding techniques on a regular basis. Think of something right now you are truly grateful for in your life, now say to yourself how thankful you are to have that person or thing. Being truly grateful creates and attracts more joy to you. Think of a situation in which you are frustrated, now imagine that situation has worked out in your favor. Keeping a positive mindset about future events can decrease anxiety and truly change the perspective completely.

Another helpful way to stay in the present moment is to avoid excess electronics and screen time. This includes phones, computers and TV, which waste your precious time. Think about this, a person like Beyoncé has the same amount of hours in a day as you, she is just using her time more efficiently. If you want to be more productive, use your time intentionally. Pencil in your meal prepping once a week, pencil in relaxation time. Plan to move your body at least three days a week for 20 minutes or more, schedule the time at the beginning of the week. When you plan for success, it is easier to keep the commitment.

Family and friends are your support system, make sure you engage with them. This means staying present, listening when they talk, having compassion and cultivating a connection. This can lessen loneliness and increase joy. Create ways you can give back to others on a regular basis, which will help you find a purpose in life. Finding purpose and staying grateful is the key to a joyful life. 

 Allison Apfelbaum is a naturopathic doctor at Tree of Health Integrative Medicine clinic in Woodinville. To learn more go to or call 425-408-0040 to schedule an appointment.

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