I am writing as someone very distressed by a council member's actions in the community and in particular on social media.  This is not the demeanor expected from elected officials.  Writing "stand back and stand by" is 100% inappropriate and only incites more animosity in the community.  Defending someone for pointing a gun at youth in the city when they were not the ones to throw something on him is also undeniably wrong.  Elected officials should try to unite rather than divide, and this member consistently makes accusations to members of the community as well as spread baseless conspiracy theories.  This needs to stop for the health of the community.  In light of the actions that took place on Saturday, October 24th, I ask that council members think twice before posting on social media and that they consider leading by example.

If this was a volunteer on one of the other commissions, the council would have no issue dismissing them immediately.  Therefore, it is in everyone's best interest that these actions stop.


Thank you,


Amanda Thompson


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