Dear Woodinville City Council,

I am sad to say that it appears you have no intention of representing the people. At the most recent City Council meeting, all of you except Councilmember Boundy-Sanders voted not to read public comments. 

Due to the virtual nature of the meetings, this is essentially akin to blocking people from coming to the podium especially since there is no way for citizens to personally share their thoughts by calling in as many other cities have done. This is concerning considering the state of the council. 

The majority of you, 4-out-of-7 to be exact, either ran unopposed or were named to your position by the council. Because of this, you have an even greater responsibility to listen to your constituents to ensure that you truly represent the people and deserve your “free ride” to the position of city councilor. Yet all four in question voted to ignore public comments at the most recent meeting. 

Instead of ignoring the public, you as a council should relish any opportunity to listen to the people who you are supposed to serve. Even more concerning is the fact that Mayor Cook acknowledged that people want the council to read public comments, yet she still chose to ignore them. 

Mayor Cook ran unopposed and as such she specifically has an even greater responsibility to listen to the public, she is our mayor after all. However, perhaps most concerning of all is the simplicity of reading public comments. It requires little effort and even less action from the part of the city council, yet still, you refuse.

If the current council is unwilling to do a simple action such as reading comments when the public is actively asking for it, what else is the council unwilling to do?

Please show that you are worthy of your positions,

Francis Duchastel de Montrouge


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