The incumbents re-running for Northshore School District Board have demonstrated COLLECTIVE FAILURE and need to be replaced.

Jacqueline McGourty, Sandy Hayes and Amy Cast all voted 5-0 in every Board Meeting. They are all accountable for the decision making that has put our district in the situation we are in.

REFUSED TO OPEN SCHOOLS-WIDENED THE LEARNING GAP: Only 1% of Special Ed students received in-person services; after a year of planning, still scrambled to open only two days a week, when surrounding districts managed 4 ; STILL no clear reopening plan for fall

IGNORED MENTAL HEALTH RISKS: The Board refused to place urgency on reopening for in-person services even when faced with soaring mental health crisis data.

FUNDED INEQUITY WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS : Built new 'top of the line' tech-enabled schools, while 62% left in disrepair

NO CHECKS AND BALANCES: Not a single dissenting voice nor questioning data. Union trumps Students EVERY time; Approved and compensate an excessive $460k for the Superintendent (Second highest comp in Washington but only the seventh largest district)

PUT KIDS LAST, POLITICS FIRST: Unanimously endorsed by union and political parties, in a NON-partisan race; Refuse to implement science-backed literacy - many not reading at grade level

The incumbents no longer have any connection to the district — no children in the schools. Jacky McGourty is completely disconnected, Sandy Hayes has been in her seat uncontested for 12 years, and Amy Cast completely ineffective after eight years.


Dominique France


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