R-90 is on the ballot requiring all schools teach a new ideology called Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSE or CSHE). CSE is not traditional sex ed. CSE is an ideology that teaches children they have sexual rights. They should be allowed to engage in sexual activity at any age. R-90 says when school districts choose their curriculum, their choice has to follow CSE ideology and be approved by OSPI annually. Something OSPI has never done before. 

People who approve R-90 say parents can opt their kids out if they don't like it. However, in Washington State we have 10,068 foster kids. They can't opt out. Who is concerned for them? Imagine you're 12 and have been sexually abused. You've been told that either the sexual abuse was your fault because you wanted it or you didn't actually say no. Or that if you didn't comply with the sexual favors you would disappoint or hurt someone. Now you go to school and although you are uncomfortable with this topic, legislators denied a request to let you opt out. (see amendment #2030 students can't opt themselves out). There's also no parent to opt you out, because you are considered in state care. You go to class and you have a male teacher telling you that the class is going to practice eliciting sex from each other. Everyone takes a turn. You are allowed to say "no" to the person asking you for a sexual favor. So you do. However, the teacher has handed a worksheet to your peers. They are rating your "no" answer to sex as too "passive", or "aggressive". You are left to be publicly judged by your peers, to determine if your answer was good enough. This is a real lesson from a curriculum that was approved by OSPI. (3Rs, Grade 6 lesson 4) and (Grade 7, lesson 9) 

Can you hear why sex trafficking organizations, sex crimes detectives and psychotherapists are asking to Reject R-90? This ideology is a part of this new CSE movement. As a foster mom, I saw sexually abused kids. This is so damaging to them. They need to be constantly told their "no" whether, passive or aggressive was just right. Sometimes they had to act aggressively to protect themselves, sometimes they were scared and were "passive". Any 'no' to sex was enough. They should not be mandated to sit through such sensitive lessons. All CSE material has classes like this. Please be the voice for these kids, who can't opt out. They have to live with the laws you pass. Reject R-90.


Mattie Marks


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