In Georgia Biden said that $2,000 stimulus checks would "go out the door immediately". Now Democrats are saying it will be $1,400 and that the stimulus bill and covid bill may not happen until March.

First of all, if he meant $1400 he should have said $1400. Secondly, Democrats have decided not to get rid of the filibuster the way Republicans did so that all legislation will require 60 votes.  

This is how Democrats lose on purpose, because although they have kind intentions when it comes to immigrants, LGBTQ and women and all of those social issues, they're in lockstep with Republicans when it comes to war funding, "security" and fiscal issues.  That's because their money comes from the same corporate and military industrial sources. (From whom they get jobs after leaving office.)

So they always say they don't have the votes and then make sure of it by leaving the filibuster.

"Immediately" means now, and I don't think Americans should accept any less.  I don't need the money, this isn't about that. The economy needs the stimulus so that maybe the 1/3 of small businesses still surviving will continue to do so. Almost ALL developed nations in the world provided paychecks to workers so that they could keep their jobs while staying home and so that businesses survived.  Not us.  A one time $2,000 is FAR BELOW what the rest of the world immediately accepted as rational.

Jan Deininger


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