Dear Editor,

We saw a letter in last week’s Woodinville Weekly that was striking. It was signed by a bunch of partisan outsiders seeking to influence our local elections. The Woodinville City Council is nonpartisan and independent, yet in this election season, it was being attacked by a partisan political group of mostly nonresidents.  

Our current city council is working hard on issues of concern to many citizens of Woodinville, such as fighting against the NE Transfer Station (dump) from being sited in Woodinville, and working towards a resolution on the trestle bottleneck. They have sheparded a number of exciting new development projects in Woodinville while still protecting the R-1 neighborhoods of Woodinville that help make our city special; and they strongly support this approach.

As planning commissioners, we work with the council closely and witness their priority in listening to their constituents, not individuals and groups from outside the city limits who have different priorities.  

City council members are nonpartisan. Yet, this partisan group has gone to great lengths to put together a website, sponsored by a person who does not live in Woodinville, that misrepresents the stances of our council members. 

So, ask yourself why is a partisan political group working to elect their slate of candidates? Council members should not be beholden to any group inside or outside of Woodinville, or a political party. Your council members should be representing the interests of WOODINVILLE citizens, not a bunch of outsiders.  

Kevin Stadler, Chair, Woodinville Planning Commission

Steve Yabroff, Vice Chair, Woodinville Planning Commission


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Interesting Kevin: so the GOP backed city councilors are non-partisan but the Democratic ones are? sounds like a double standard. Party politics has nothing to do with this. This is part of a group of close friends who use the city funds as their own and do not really do any thing for the city... The R1 stuff.. yeah, everyone says the same thing and does the same thing. These are just scare tactics. I have moved outside of the city for the safety of my family... the other signers are still resident and voters of the city.

I hope that people see the facts for what they are.. there is the same old clique from Woodinville which aggressively wants to keep power and there is a new set of people looking to reform the toxic attitude which Woodinville politics has been know for too many years. Please consider your choices. Every vote counts. Good luck to Woodinville.

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