When it comes to leadership, experience is great! But to suggest that voters should re-elect the Northshore School Board Members Sandy Hayes, Jacqueline McGourty, and Amy Cast merely because we shouldn’t have “rookies” on the board is simply ridiculous! 

It is clear ALL candidates running for the Northshore School District board have valuable professional and community experience. My question to you is what kind of experience do Northshore students and the community need? 

Amy Felt, Chris Roberdeau, and Elizabeth Crowley are all experts at policy and leading in their professions. They also all sat through remote school with their students for 18+ months while they tried to do their jobs or run a small business, something the incumbents did not experience. 

They all have attended board meetings, launched school board campaigns, and learned everything they possibly can to be equipped for the role, including reviewing budgets, legislative priorities, contracts, and meeting with thousands of Northshore constituents to understand all perspectives. And now, they are navigating the new challenges of ensuring their students can access the public education provided to them when they have a COVID exposure.  

The incumbents would like you to think that holding a seat has made them indispensable, that the school district can’t work without them. But that’s not how experience works. We know from research and numerous successful companies and organizations locally and globally that new insights, ideas, and lived experiences have made many organizations stronger and healthier. 

So again, I ask you to consider what experience is most valuable to represent Northshore students and the community? For me, as a parent to 3 Northshore students, I value the experience of those that respond to the current lived reality, have skin in the game, and are willing to go the extra mile to make positive change for my students, your students, and the 23,000+ students that Northshore claims to serve.  

Please vote by November 2nd for Amy Felt, Chris Roberdeau, and Elizabeth Crowley, and our future leaders, Northshore students.

Angela Chapman


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