Dear Editor,

As a parent with children in Northshore School District, when I listened to the recent school board candidate forum I was expecting to hear not just “what” candidates wanted to achieve but also “how” they intended to achieve it. 

The only participants who could cover the “how” in any real detail were the incumbent board members. 

I would expect that to a certain extent - as incumbents have more experience with NSD specific policies and budgets. However, I would also expect for challengers to have much more of an idea of how education administration works – and to be able to speak to at least some specifics versus just sharing hopes and anecdotes. 

Yes, we all had a tough time with Zoom lessons. Does that mean I am a good candidate for the school board, because I had some tough remote lesson experiences and know others who had children who really struggled? 

No - not at all!

As a community we need leaders with specific expertise in the challenges of stewarding and funding school administration - at this difficult time more than ever.

For example, if the “what” is to achieve more inclusive services for children with special needs, we need board members who know “how” funding for those initiatives works. 

The “what” of listening to students and educators also sounds great; but “how” would someone achieve that when they are already attacking the people they need to build relationships with and aligning themselves with people who angrily attack the students they claim they will listen to?

For the good of our district, I will be voting for McGourty, Hayes and Cast to continue serving our district - and I urge you to do so as well. They know the challenges of “how” to achieve what we need to for our children and, with your vote, they can continue to rise to them.


David Dorrian - Kenmore

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