Dear Editor,

I find it sad, pathetic actually, that the Woodinville City Council chose the Seattle Times over Woodinville's hometown newspaper to be the "paper of record" for legal notices. 

These council members just got elected promising to serve the interests of Woodinville. Councilmember Best-Campbell, appointed to the job by the council itself in 2019, said "it does not mean we don't value local journalism." Good words, but actions speak louder.  

The reasons given for her vote against the Weekly were for "ease of staff " and "a wider market for us to get bids." Her second point sounds reasonable and apparently the council needs to choose the lowest bidder. 

But as the ONLY council member to support the Weekly, Boundy-Sanders said, "It makes sense to definitely use a combination of both papers." She also wondered whether the Times really "offered a lower rate when comparing the newspapers side-by-side in previous years." This deserves to be known. 

It was reported the Times bid $31.22 for 14 lines of text and the Weekly bid $32. Aside from a negligible difference in bids, and the fact that a great many people do not read and have no interest in buying the Times, the Weekly by contrast has a well-established local circulation of over 45 years. 

In fact, the council's own study found the Weekly has a wider circulation than the Times by almost 1000 papers in our two zip codes. It clearly serves the "ease" of Woodinville residents for the Weekly to be our official newspaper. 

To favor the Times not only erodes civic pride and demoralizes community spirit, but it is an unintended gesture of disregard and disrespect to all of us who call Woodinville home, some for many years. We have grown in appreciation for a community that has grown more vibrant and precious with each passing year. It is a good place to live. 

Bettering the quality of life here for everyone is best done by honoring those things that contribute to making a city good for its people. Whether it be our first responders, schools or businesses, the farmers market, or the Sammamish Valley Grange fighting the Seattle City Council for farmlands, it is good to support your local community. 

It may be a small matter in the functioning of the city council but is significant to the well-being of the city to be supported, especially by its seven elected.

John Shephard


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