I negotiate the roundabout at the Hollywood Schoolhouse every day of the week on the trip from my home on Rose Hill in Kirkland to my office in Woodinville, and back. Hence, I have overwhelming evidence that too many drivers are ignorant of the two simple rules of roundabouts — or see them as ways to one-up other drivers:

   Rule No. 1: The right lane is for those exiting at the next spoke of the roundabout.

   Rule No. 2: The left lane is for those exiting beyond the next spoke.

   Too often, as I drive in the right lane of the roundabout, headed to Woodinville, another driver will use the left lane to pass me before we reach the next spoke — or create a near-collision as we both proceed into that spoke.

   And although I’m always in the right lane, I’ve witnessed instances in my rearview mirror of a driver behind me in the right lane cutting off one in the left lane, enroute to exiting beyond the first spoke.


Larry Coffman


P.S. And one should NOT drive in Woodinville — especially during the holidays—if they don’t know how to use the center-turn lane to enter NE 175th Ave. from the side streets — which was the subject of another rant earlier this year!

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