Hopefully Washingtonians all over the state and specifically Woodinville residents are paying attention to the current  Washington State Legislative Session.  By virtue of Initiative 960, anyone can subscribe and be kept informed regarding new bills introduced in either house that would raise taxes or fees.  So far this session.......I have received literally hundreds of emails from the Office of Financial Management detailing these increases.  Everything from new "wealth" taxes, excise taxes, estate taxes, climate commitment taxes, low proof beverages taxes, cannabis taxes, fertilizer taxes, etc, etc. And what does "Creation of the Washington State Public Financial Cooperative/Washington State Public Bank mean??

There is no doubt that the State of Washington is working hard to separate the taxpayer from their money.

Representative Springer said in your article, "Washington state has the most regressive tax system in the nation" and it sounds like he and others in the legislature want to equalize this with various income taxes. But...for now, ONLY on the very rich!  (sounds good right??) Presumably, if all these new taxes are implemented, sales tax, B & O tax and perhaps other current taxes will be reduced.

The main problem with adding an income tax that the legislature can modify/raise at their discretion is, well.... more tax vehicles mean more taxation.

When is enough, enough?

Thank you,

Bill Kelly


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