Dear Editor,

I must say that Ms. Susan Bounty-Sanders' letter to the editor (March 5) was one of the best examples of "sour grapes" that I have seen in a long time.

Many of us have been on a team, a council or a committee where we have felt impotent because our vote was frequently that of a minority vote taken on an issue.

It is a frustrating position to be in, and many Woodinville council members over the years have been there. But I do not recall that those voting in the majority were ever attacked or accused the way Susan did in this letter to the editor.

Susan tried to get individuals elected last term to Woodinville Council who would support her votes, but the voters showed that they were not in her camp. I would urge her to find a group whose voting record reflects her philosophies — King County Council perhaps.

In closing, it also would have been appropriate that Susan had identified herself as a current Woodinville Council member.


Nancy Montgomery


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