Dear Woodinville City Council

I want to start this letter with a bit about myself. I am 17-years-old and I first moved to Woodinville when I was 2. As such Woodinville is really the only place that I can remember living in; it is my hometown through and through.

Yet recently my feelings have changed. I still consider Woodinville my hometown but I no longer feel welcome. I am ostracized from the only place that I have ever really called home due to your actions against my dad Nicolas.

Your goal as city officials should be to serve your citizens yet instead you spread hurtful lies against them. At best you merely twist the truth while at worst you create a fake "truth." Even if we ignore these lies and baseless accusations your handling of my father shows, at best, a clear apathy towards morals and the feelings of your citizens.

You claim that my dad has done bad things yet fail to offer specifics or evidence more than just he said she said. I have seen my sister cry because of how you demonize my father. I have spent days depressed about how anyone could see my dad as anything but someone who's whole purpose in life is to help anyone he can.

The only time I've ever seen my dad be aggressive is when he aggressively helps people or when he aggressively fights against injustice. There is a difference between attacking a person's actions and attacking their character, their entire being as a human, and you have sadly chosen to attack my dad's character.

You have caused great pain not only on myself, but also my whole family. Because of the actions of this council, Woodinville has lost a great man who does everything in his power to do what is right.

I hope that you realize just how grave your actions have been.


Francis Duchastel de Montrouge


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