I wish to express my deep disgust over the personal attacks by members of the Woodinville City Council on a decent and civic-minded member of our community.

I worked closely with Nicolas Duchastel as parent volunteers supporting Woodinville cub and boy scouts for more than six years. Nicolas was an outstanding role model for the boys. He was always positive and encouraging. He was generous with his time and made boys and adults both feel welcomed and included. You could not find a member of our pack and troop who would not have anything but great things to say about Nicolas.

This decency was evident in his city council race. Nicolas was only positive in his campaign, focused only on how to make Woodinville better.

In contrast to demonstrating positive civic behavior, the Woodinville City Council chose to add a last-minute agenda item at 10:30 p.m. as the council meeting is ending and makes serious charges against the character of a volunteer planning commissioner. This action did not allow a defense by the commissioner and screams "constitutional right of privacy" to stop all discussion.

This is total bunk. A fair hearing would have the discussion re-scheduled with a clear understanding of what needs to be talked about and to allow a defense to what can only be described as bizarre charges.

And if the city council meeting was not bad enough, the follow-up meeting by council member Rachel Best-Campbell to address the planning commission was clearly over the top.

Best-Campbell had time to prepare what she was going to say and diplomatically relay to the commission of the council's decision to remove Nicolas. Instead, she again engaged in another unfounded personal attack.

Given that council member, Best-Campbell was appointed and not elected, the rest of the city council should ask for her resignation and appoint someone with the temperament and character to be a positive force on the council with the ability to bring different viewpoints together.


Dave Maxwell


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