One thing these times are teaching us is that governments that are seen as showing favoritism are risking their one essential asset: credibility based on impartiality. Health departments are finding that out with their response to COVID, and Seattle is with their response to the protests and riots and CHAZ compared to their response to COVID.

Woodinville might soon have its own CHAZ-like moment with this attempt to frame Councilmember Al Taylor with accusations of hate and homophobia for trying to preserve the city's credibility and prevent favoritism.

Flagpole time is obviously a prime community asset, and we all know it's prestigious and symbolic and thus highly sought after, and therefore fairness and proper process to prevent the perception of favoritism are paramount in the allocation of flagpole days. When a group asks for a full month out of the year the appearance of fairness becomes especially important.

Setting aside what group/cause gets approved and who gets denied on what basis does one group get a day and one gets a month?

If its favoritism, flagpole time loses much of its worth, and the city's lost credibility spreads to its other relations and harms all its citizens.

Councilmember Taylor is wise and common-sense to advocate for a fair and impartial process. Those who oppose him risk not only their credibility but, critically, the city's credibility.

That is not wise leadership. Those are unacceptably high prices for both the city and especially its citizens to pay for favoring a short-term effort. But these are easily avoidable, and Councilman Taylor is to be applauded, not penalized or retaliated against (as demanded by the Woodinville Social Justice Connection at the end of the Woodinville Weekly's 10 June article), for his common-sense long-term civic perspective.

K-Y Su


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