Dear Editor and City Council,

I watched the city council meeting of June 16th, which ended minutes before 10:30 p.m. Bravo to the committee members who accomplished great strides in our city at this meeting. Particularly the introduction of the Youth Diversity Commission of Color with prospective members from middle and high schools.

Shame on those who introduced council business at 10:15 as a motion that was seconded, debated, and voted on to remove a volunteer commissioner, Nicholas Duchastel de Montrouge from the planning department who was not present and could not speak for himself. This is not the first time this has happened with the city council.

I respectfully request that a meeting be proposed with the city council and Commissioner Duchastel de Montrouge so that facts and not feelings or memories be evidence of this behavior. Council needs to be a government institution that our citizens and youth can watch with pride.

I am a woman of color, and if that had happened to me, I would be upset.

It is reverse racism — where the voice of a white, heterosexual male is silent because, in this new normal, it is okay to blame a white man.

Shame on Mayor Cook if she does not use her leadership position to lead the voters of Woodinville and their youth (the newly formed Youth Diversity Commission of Color) with a fair hearing following parliamentary procedure.

Mayor Cook, I respectfully ask you to do the right thing and let us all hear the facts, not emotions, (which are subjective) at the next council meeting. Give Nicholas Duchastel de Montrouge the courtesy to give his side of the story and whether he failed on the job he was selected to do. None of us get along with everyone, and it was clear that some of the passion council members exhibited at this meeting was very personal and emotionally charged with no facts. He was not even on the agenda. Blind-sighted and not present.

His job performance should be the only criteria for dismissal. He should be allowed to bring his facts to the meeting, people to speak on his behalf regarding his integrity, his work ethic, his work history, other committees he has served on, personal and business relationships.

More critical, in future meetings, a person needs to be present when dismissed and allowed to present their case. This screams of backroom politics.

Linda Jenkins


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