I realize Ms. Gunn’s opinions are just that, her opinions, but her “beliefs,” dismissing known science is irresponsible. The real science is clear and has always been clear on the benefits of wearing masks… only the rhetoric for political purposes has changed to serve desired political points of view.

Wearing masks to help stop the COVID-19 spread is simply logical and undisputed in the well-educated, scientific, and medical communities worldwide. Why do ALL frontline doctors, nurses, healthcare workers wear masks?

Simple: It protects them and it protects their patients! Proof: Frontline medical providers have much lower infection rates than the general population, and have been exposed to 1000s of times the virus dosage of regular folks. Many wear masks as long as 12 hours a day, every day, and have NO CO2 issues. Do you believe these well trained, knowledgeable medical professionals would wear masks if there were CO2 side effects?

People who don’t know or understand these well-known FACTS are simply choosing to ignore the proven and listen to political agendas for their own purposes.

When science became clear that secondhand cigarette smoke caused cancer to non-smokers, it took years for laws mandating no smoking indoors, costing 10s of thousands of additional unnecessary deaths. Ultimately, public education and the public benefit won out over individuals smokers’ rights to kill others.

Second-hand smoke took years to kill people, COVID-19 can kill in days.

Talking loudly or yelling at nearby people when you are not wearing a mask makes it more likely you'll give them the virus that has now overwhelmed our economy, our medical community, and our way of life, and claimed 100,000 lives in the U.S. alone. COVID-19 is literally hanging in the air for some period of time, and it broadcasts out up to 25 feet from a sneeze or cough.

Wearing a decent mask can lower your risk of getting infected by up to 95%. And isn't it obvious that a mask limits what gets broadcast out to others? The numbers are calculated by experts across the globe. Science, not "beliefs."

Its well-known now this insidious virus is passed along even when infected people show absolutely NO SIGNs of infection (asymptomatic transfer/infection).

What if you found out you unknowingly infected someone (or lots of folks) who could be dead in 14 days and you could have prevented it simply by wearing a mask?

How would you feel if you discovered someone who was not wearing a mask at the store you just went to infected you as neither of you wearing masks and you went home and infected all your closest family, and one of them died?

I’m getting stir crazy and want the Stay At Home Orders to end, NOW, but responsibly and that’s up to all of us.

Science is telling us if 60 to 70% of us wear masks in public, we can potentially eradicate this prior to having a vaccine.

If you choose to be part of the 30 to 40% that feel your civil rights are being violated or you consider it a personal affront too invasive to bear, please consider staying at home.

Armed with the facts, we can each still choose to proliferate the problem or be part of the solution.

Chuck Berman


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