As the November elections approach, I want to make readers aware of some of the unsavory recent actions by current members of the Woodinville City Council, to illustrate how important it is to replace the current incumbents.

Phil Mark, newly appointed City Council member and candidate, is the latest proof that the current clique on the City Council view city funds as their own piggy bank to do their bidding. I filled a complaint with the PDC because Mark uses city resources such as his official picture and his city-provided email for his political campaign (both are paid by your taxes, and it is illegal to use these government-paid items for a political campaign).

When I ran for office in 2019, city staff enforced city sign code with respect to my signs, but not for my opponent, who was on City Council at the time.

In January 2020, I was invited to a meeting by two councilmembers via their city emails asking me to meet about city business. The meeting lasted less than five minutes, and consisted of reading an accusatory but vague statement, and the meeting was recorded without my consent. When I tried to get a copy of the recording and written statement, nothing was provided to me. I filed a lawsuit for alleged violation of the Public Record Act.

Officials and staff work for us; their actions and documents are ours; thus “Public” in PRA. The city might well be liable for $100 per day; which will be a lot if I win the lawsuit 2.5 years after these events. This is yet another example of these officials using our taxes for their own personal vendetta.

Please stay informed and vote these incumbents out. Please support the challengers – Michelle Evans, Robin White, Sarah Arndt, and James Randolph -- who see city government as a vehicle for the good of all residents; not just a piggy bank to pay for their personal projects and ego trip.

Nicolas Duchastel de Montrouge - Former resident of Woodinville

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