Woodinville's city government is failing at basic tenets of democracy: transparency and an avenue for citizens to express themselves in the setting of City Council meetings. Like most cities in the area, the council should take phone calls during the public comment portions of City Council meetings.

Over the past few weeks, Mayor (Elaine) Cook has exercised her unilateral authority over whether public comments are read or not. As comments have become more voluminous and increasingly critical of the City Council majority's undemocratic actions, she has declined to read the substance, and failed to provide any meaningful or constructive responses to the concerns raised in the comments. This is unacceptable. We’ve heard various excuses; none are credible. We need a solution that works so that our government is transparent, responsive, and committed to the citizens they are supposed to serve.

There is a rapidly growing list of issues our elected representatives need to address in public. The give-away’s to developers, potential landslides due to unwise development, offensive behavior from council members, lack of due process while removing a commissioner, a pattern of last-minute agenda items without public notice, inconsistent rules regarding the fish statue, selective representations of events in Woodinville, and many more. Each of these issues is important and warrants a proper acknowledgment and consideration by our elected officials.

With this letter, we, a group of concerned citizens, demand that our local government returns to being a government of the people and for the people. Stop blocking public comments. Stop ignoring our legitimate requests. Consider and respond to our pressing issues.

We know that this is a challenging time, but we are confident that we can restore transparent and accountable government to Woodinville.

Thank you.

Woodinville Action Committee

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